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Become a MindSpace Coach and be trained in the MindSpace Quantum Results Formula. MindSpace Coaches empower individuals, professionals and small business owners with the clarity, mindset and accountability they need to achieve greater and consistent results.

MindSpace Coaches undergo over 100 hours of training with Mac himself each year to ensure they are at the top of their game implementing the same proven strategies that has helped hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world. 

Key Areas of MindSpace Coaching

Proven Formula

The MindSpace Quantum Results Formula has been rigorously tested and proven on a global scale.

Coaching Structure

Giving You the structure you need to move from average results to exponential results consistently.


Ruthless Support; doing what ever it takes to drive you to be your best and achieve better results on a day to day basis.


Creating a Success Environment within a thriving, private and open community on an international scale.

How it works...

You will be taken by the hand and led step by step through an extensive 16 week training program where you will learn the MindSpace Quantum Results Coaching Formula.

Step One: Experience the formula first hand and see the results for yourself.

Step Two: Learn the formula from my Senior MindSpace Coaches.

Step Three: Practice the formula in our safe and supportive environment to raise your confidence and skills.

What You Get...

MindSpace Certification: Standing proud side by side with Mac under the MindSpace Coaching Brand taking your credibility to the next level

Full MindSpace Access: access to all of Mac's proprietary trainings, documents, slides, contracts and processes.

Live Weekly Webinars: Be on a call with Mac himself LIVE each week (PRICELESS)

MindSpace Accountability: You'll be allocated your very own MindSpace Coach holding your hand every step of the way.

MindSpace Clients & Leads: Take on MindSpace clients and leads as your own if you choose to do so and get paid for it!

Private Coach Communities: You'll interact with all MindSpace Coaches in both WhatsApp AND Facebook so you never feel alone!

Annual LIVE Trainings: Attend 2 x annual Full Day "In The Room" Live trainings with Mac himself.

Why MindSpace Coaching...

At MindSpace Coaching we understand that coaching is not only about the tools, it's about becoming the person you need to be in order to be able to help others on a Quantum level. 

Our MindSpace Coaches are trained to go much deeper with their clients, trained to reach the root of the problems and cause exponential change at a subconscious level.

At MindSpace Coaching we give people the structure they need to become a world class coach to help others on a global scale.

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